Homegrown Steampunk Design for the Modern Age

Art, and creating pretty things is an obsession for me. I can spend endless hours executing new designs and pouring my heart into custom work, down to the last stitch of detail. I am a self taught artist and photographer with no formal training and I use a multitude of mediums stemming from tons of interests - with more and more ideas popping up everyday. My design style is eclectic and eccentric to say the least! Some of my greatest inspirations are old French script, feathers and birds, Jules Verne, Neo Victorian, old growth forests and nature, fairy stories, Woodland Elves, Lord of the Rings, SciFi, and most anything Bohemian gypsy chic and vintage! Art Deco, Belle Epoque, Steampunk, Victorian, Edwardian - I love them all!

Handmade Steampunk Picture Frames